Earn free Satoshi money just for spinning the wheel

How it works ?

>Sign up, get 5,000 satoshi FREE.

>Verify, get 100 spins FREE.

>Sign in daily, get 5 spins FREE.

>Refer, get 25 spins per referrral FREE.

>Withdraw, minimum 100,000 satoshi ~ $ 10.

How these spins are allotted to members?

• Spins are earned by members by doing simple activities. First, you have login daily to get 5 spins. The more spin you do, the more you can earn points/Satoshi/money.

How am I going to get my payment ?

• Whenever you have reached minimum withdrawal limit 100,000 Satoshi ~ $10. You can apply for withdrawal and whole amount will be sent directly to your updated wallet address.

Vision The main vision of these program is to empower avid internet users-(you) turn their online use into free earning opportunity and help as many people as possible so they can change their lives by taking advantage of this proven and trusted free platform.

Implementation Design is simple which allows YOU to earn unlimited. All YOU have to do is to login daily to get free spins and then utilize these spins to earn Satoshi/money.
YOU can also earn more spins by inviting more friends through your referral link so you get more spins and you earn more Satoshi/money.

Never, ever miss, even a single opportunity to claim free dollar. When you see it.. grab it immediately.


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