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How O-Tracker can help your Business

O-Tracker is a tool developed by ONPASSIVE to improve the marketing efficiency of businesses by positioning and improving their brand messages and reaching the target audience more efficiently.

It helps you get a daily visitors count of your website while identifying click fraud to get the true traffic count.

O-Tracker runs a highly accurate predictive analysis of site traffic and is considered a next-generation tool built for every business type.

It allows for tracking any IP address location quickly and accurately.

It assists to reinvent businesses giving them a new edge.

10 Main Reasons to use #OTracker…

Know where your customers are and target your marketing campaigns to maximize your returns.

Analyze your web page performance and engagement levels with intricate heat mapping.

Elevate customer engagement with targeted campaigns within an area.

Identify invalid clicks with intricate algorithms and advanced detection systems.

O-Tracker offers real-time IP to Geo-location API enhancing the accuracy of location data to orchestrate user experience.

Know the currency relevant for a specific IP address to give heightened shopping experience to the users.

Get accurate time zone feed automatically for every IP address to offer time related services as needed.

Stay informed about the visitor’s ASN and the hostname of the ISP to model the apt campaign.

Identify risks and threats from unsafe IP addresses to restrict access and nullify any harm to your website.

O-Tracker is a highly scalable interface that can give you the power to lead the market.

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Discover our Global Business Solution that facilitates Artificial Intelligence, to manage the whole Business Solution for You. 

#ONPASSIVE is an IT Global Company registered and based in the United States of America.

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Gifting you something more than just a business opportunity.

100% guarantee to multiply your income.

No need to be tech-savvy or a marketer.

Daily basis residual income generation.

Latest Artificial Intelligence, Gives Wings To Your Business.

ONPASSIVE Is For Everyone Looking for True SUCCESS FINALLY!

Rather You Have a Business or Not, Have a Website or Not. 

A Marketer or Not, ONPASSIVE is For You!

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ONPASSIVE IS a Complete Done for You Opportunity, Income for Life…

Become Founder and You will Enjoy Financial Freedom …

That Will Change Your Life!

ONPASSIVE Financial Freedom of Future

Here is why you need to join us Now!

🔴 Gifting you something more than just a business opportunity.

🟢 100% guarantee to multiply your income.

🟡 No need to be tech-savvy or a marketer.

🔵 Daily basis residual income generation.

🟣 Latest Artificial Intelligence, Gives Wings To Your Business.

🟠 ONPASSIVE Is For Everyone Looking for True SUCCESS FINALLY!

🔘 Rather You Have a Business or Not, Have a Website or Not.

🧒👦👧A Marketer or Not, ONPASSIVE is For You!

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O-Chat An Easy Conversational Agent for Your Business by ONPASSIVE

#OChat automated tool product by #ONPASSIVE  is a single unified platform that uses a broad range of methodologies to create an interactive interface to address customer queries. It is easy to deploy and the pre-defined industry models act as the primary conversational agents with your customers.

✅Autonomous Reasoning.

✅Integrates with CRM.

✅Emotionally Intelligent.

✅Conversational Maturity.


✅Free to Explore.


✅Right answers in a flash.

🅾O-Chat coming soon. Stay tuned for updates


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ONPASSIVE IS a Complete Done for You Opportunity, Income for Life… 

That Will Change Your Life!

E-LEARNING, Inevitable Change!

Global trends are Changing, We are Changing, What About Next Generations… 🚸

Teach and Learn from anywhere in the World…

O-Cademy product of

For All Teachers, Instructors, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Course Creators all around the Globe. 🌍

One platform does All…

☑️E-learning saves time and money.

✅E-learning leads to better retention.

☑️E-learning is consistent.

✅E-learning is scalable.

☑️E-learning offers personalization.

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#ONPASSIVE IS a Complete Done for You Opportunity, Income for Life… 

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10 Reasons to use #Otrim URL Shortener by #ONPASSIVE

Build Your Brand with Each Click

👆1. Easy To Use, Easier To share

2. Beautify & Glorify

3. Create multiple URLs With one click

4. Brand Yourself  On Brande Sites

5. Get Better Engagement Results

6. Link Monitoring

7. Link Analytics & Dashboard

8. Earn Trust Of  Your Audience

9. Eliminate Site – Block Warning

10. Attract More Traffic On Your Site

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Not for ourselves, alone are we born. 



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Artificial Intelligence : Solution for Effective Software Usability Testing

The complexity in technology and its fast-paced growth make enterprises think out of the box and gain an advantage by launching new products in record time. Software testing is a necessary process which ensures that quality products are delivered to the customers and also safeguards against potential failure. However, time management and the right technology are the key towards becoming the leaders in a market. AI’s ability to think, learn, handle errors and draw a conclusion is the ultimate solution to all the testing woes.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Usability Testing

Automated Test Case Writing

A test case is a set of variables that demonstrates or determines whether the software has the desired capability and functions correctly. Test Case allows a tester to understand through different ways of validating features and ensure that no key functionality is missed out in the process. Even negative test cases are documented, overlooked and referred in the future.

Automation of test case writing will reduce the possibility of error when it is written manually, improving precision. Automation can allow the tester to get rid of the incorrect test case and improve the unit test (testing an individual unit or component of a software). The AI-powered unit test detects problems effectively, allowing the developer to fix it before it reaches the customer.

Improved Precision & Defect Tracking

Making mistakes is one of the most common human tendencies. The most skillful tester is bound to make errors while doing manual testing. But AI is more precise and eliminates the possibilities of error by analyzing the data and performing the task with more accuracy. 

Identifying bugs and fixing them on time saves the software from being a failure and improves its quality before it reaches the market. Artificial Intelligence software enables better defect tracking in a matter of seconds. AI algorithms have changed the way bugs are fixed during software usability testing. It identifies the code line with the error and changes the code by itself or assigns the bug tracking to Quality Assurance (QA) teams. 

Time Management

Source code gets modified by repeated software tests. However, manually repeating this test is a time-consuming and expensive process. AI-powered automated testing can be replicated repeatedly without any additional cost with a much quicker pace and precision. AI can simulate thousands of testing’s in a short period reducing it from days to mere hours. 

Since time is considered directly proportional to money, reducing the time consumption will translate directly into cost savings. With continuous growth in AI technology, it will be interesting to see the improvement in time and cost management in the upcoming years. 

Expanded Test Coverage

Test coverage enables to gather information, identifies test cases that are meaningless and creates additional test cases to increase coverage. It ensures the test quality by determining all the decision points and paths that can increase the test coverage. 

Leveraging AI in software testing will quickly identify the uncovered code, analyze it and add new test cases. It can check memory, internal program states, data tables and file storage to determine if the software behaves as per expected results. AI testing software can perform more than 1000 test cases in a single test, which is impossible with the manual test, overall expanding coverage, and improved software quality. 

Evolution of Bots

Bots increase the depth and scope of testing by reducing errors and working more accurately. AI bots evolve and learn new application function with the change in codes. 

When a developer makes changes in a code, AI bots quickly detect these changes and analyze it. Then it tries to determine whether this change is related to any new functionality. If so, it runs test for this new functionality and also notifies the Quality Assurance (QA) tester and developer if it fails. Evolution of bots ensures the quality of the product.


The competition to become the leaders in the market has driven the enterprises to demand weekly product launches. With the tightening deadlines and high expectations, the development team no more enjoys the luxury of time. The only solution is to test faster and smarter, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. 

According to Fei-Fei Li, a Chinese-born American computer scientist and writer,

“The tools and technologies we have developed are the first few drops of water in the vast ocean of what AI can do”. 

Becoming the early adopter is crucial to ensure effectiveness in high-velocity software rollouts, ultimately resulting in superior business outcomes.

Be part of AI