CoinPot Free crypto-money and tokens step by step tutorial

Easy step by step to make money for free with free mining program, NO INVESTMENT, free BTC, BCH, D, LTC, Dash and tokens every 5 minutes, need a bit of work but worthy.

# First of all you need to have crypto wallet, if you don’t have one you can register for free in one of the most trusted crypto currency platform Atomic Wallet

Now that you have wallet, just follow few steps for complete your account to earn free crypto-money

# 1 STEP ONE register to CoinPot Wallet through this link :

After registration and sign in you’ll see this page

# 2 STEP TWO click on below currency-banners pictures and open in chrome browser one by one and sign in by putting your CoinPot registration mail (very important same email you sign up in step one) for earning to related CoinPot currency

# 3 STEP THREE next there is two more earning links best for bitcoinCore.
These two links are little bit different here you have to register first(very important same email you sign up in step one) then sign in. Click on below both links to register then sign in …

Now your account is complete and ready !!!

Claim and solve captcha on each link and collect coins. Coins automatically will go to your CoinPot wallet by claiming each. One time claim on one link will give you 3 CoinPot token and additionally sum of related currency. Solve captcha on each 7 links by click on claim.

Token is CoinPot currency you can earn good from collecting tokens by claiming from each link every 5 minutes…

FINALLY Convert all currencies and token to your desired cryptocurrency for withdraw when you want to your crypto wallet (Atomic Wallet or other you have).

Let’s start working best of luck!!!

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