O-Chat An Easy Conversational Agent for Your Business by ONPASSIVE

O-Chat automated tool product by #ONPASSIVE  is a single unified platform that uses a broad range of methodologies to create an interactive interface to address customer queries. It is easy to deploy and the pre-defined industry models act as the primary conversational agents with your customers.

✅Autonomous Reasoning.

✅Integrates with CRM.

✅Emotionally Intelligent.

✅Conversational Maturity.


✅Free to Explore.


✅Right answers in a flash.

🅾O-Chat coming soon. Stay tuned for updates


#ONPASSIVE #OChat #ONPASSIVEAI #GoFounders #business #AshMufareh #innovation #AI

ONPASSIVE IS a Complete Done for You Opportunity, Income for Life… 

That Will Change Your Life!

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